CellarFest 2017

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CellarFest 2017

Jan 21st is the Eighth Annual CellarFest at Bailey’s Taproom

What – CellarFest is a day where Bailey’s pulls out a handful of special kegs that they have been saving for this day of exploration into the fine art of cellaring beer.

Half of the fun of enjoying cellaring beers is seeing what happens to the beers as they have  aged over time.

From the CellarFest 2017 Facebook event page – “Oxidation and time are two elements that may allow beers to open up and unveil new flavors. Sometimes, harsher alcohol notes mellow out over the years and we get a product with rounder edges and softer tones. Either way, we love to see how some of our favorite beers change and gain further insight into the lifespan of certain styles & labels.”

Time – CellarFest runs from Noon – Midnight Saturday Jan 21st

Address  – Baileys is located at 213 SW Broadway Portland, Oregon

Admission – There is no admission to attend CellarFest. Just show up and order pours of the beers that strike your fancy.

The beers being poured at CellarFest 2017 are:

Alaskan 2011 Perseverance Ale
Anchor 2011 Old Foghorn
Avery 2012 Samael’s Ale
Block 15 2012 Super Nebula
Boneyard 2012 Suge Knite
Deschutes 2012 Black Butte XXIV
Firestone Walker 2012 Parabola
Flat Tail 2012 Bourbon Porter
Full Sail 2011 Old Boardhead
North Coast 2009 Old Stock
Ommegang 2012 Three Philosophers
Sierra Nevada 2011 Life and Limb 2
Southern Oregon 2012 Black Heart
Southern Tier 2010 Choklat
Stone 2012 Old Guardian
Uinta 2012 Labyrinth
Widmer 2012 Old Embalmer

More Info From Bailey’s about CellarFest 2017:

“We debuted CellarFest in the winter of 2010 with the idea of gaining more knowledge about the aging process and cellaring capability of certain beers. We tuck away a handful of kegs yearly that we think will evolve in some way over time.

“Now in it’s 8th year, CellarFest has become one of our most anticipated annual events. This year’s iteration is the official kickoff for our year-long 10 year celebration. Join us for a day of exploration into the fine art of cellaring beer.”

Here is link to the CellerFest 2017 Facebook event page –  www.facebook.com/events/1044169232376526/

 CellarFest 2017 Portland Beer Festivals