Portland Beer Festivals March 2018

Portland Beer Festivals

March 2018


Sour Fruit Fest Feb 28 – March 4

Black Out Beer Fest March 2

Lucky Lab Barleywine Festival March 2 – March 3

She Brew March 3

Lompoc Beer Chowder Challenge March 3

Base Camp’s Collabofest March 10

Cider Rite of Spring March 10

Baker’s Dozen Coffee Beers & Doughnuts March 11

Irish Beer Festival March 16 – March 17

St Patricks Day Beer Festival March 15 – March 18

Pouring at the Coast March 18th

Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival March 23 – March 25


This is what we currently have for March 2018 Portland area beer festivals.

If you come across a Portland beer festival we need to add to this list – please message us via the Portland Beer Festival Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/PortlandBeerFestivals

Sour Fruit Fest

Black Out Beer Fest

Lucky Lab Barleywine Festival

She Brew

Lompoc Beer Chowder Challenge

Base Camp's Collabofest

Cider Rite of Spring

Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers & Doughnuts

Irish Beer Festival

St Patricks Day Beer Festival

Pouring at the Coast